About Me!

Hello!  Welcome to my portfolio!  I think I should introduce myself before I start talking about the website, so here I go!  I am an eleven year old girl who loves to write and play softball.  I play on two softball teams, one travel, and one for my middle school.  I love to catch and play 3rd base.   I believe that if you put effort and pride in what you do, it will get done successfully, and I think that work comes before success.  That means if you want to be successful or have something accomplished, I believe you have to work for it.

This portfolio/website is a blog for my science class.  I really enjoy the fact that I can now share my ideas and thoughts about what we are doing and learning in science.  I also like science a lot, so this is a great experience for me!  I hope you will keep reading my blogs and learn some things in the process.  C’ya soon!

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