Blog Challenge #10- Activity 2 Answers

1) I have written 13 posts, not including this one.

2) Two of my posts were just for fun (I wish I had put more) and all of my school related posts were the ones for the blogging challenge, except for one that my science class wrote about a lab that we did.

3) Unfortunately, only three people have commented on my website, my science teacher, my mom, and a girl that lives in Florida.

4) The post that recieved the most comments was my creativity post.  I think this happened because I had a lot of fun writing it.  I also put a lot of detail into what I was writing, which made the post interesting.  If you look at all my posts and the amount of comments, one of the posts has two comments, but one of them was just a reply.

5) My favorite post that I wrote was my favorites post.  It was my favorite one because I got to tell people about myself in a fun way, and since I got to talk about my favorite things, I loved writing it!

6) If I understood the question correctly, then yes.  My themes changed with every blog because there was something new to write about with every blog challenge and with every post of my own.  Even if the topics were similar, like the favorites and creativity, I wrote about it in a different way.

7) Don’t get a bad idea about me, but I really stink with computers so I never found out how to add a widget.  It really dissappoints me, but I tried and tried and I still couldn’t figure it out!

8) Like I mentioned before, only about three people have come to my blog, so I don’t have any over seas visitors, but I wish I did.

THIS IS NOT MY LAST POST!!!!! I am going to go write another post about my experience with this blogging challenge!!!

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