Tuesday’s Lesson

Today (Tuesday) in class we did a lesson on the sun’s energy.  During this lesson, we learned about radiation, cunduction, and convection.  We learned that radiation doesn’t require something to move through, and that convection occurs when heat is transferred into a liquid or a gas.  We also learned that conduction is when heat is transferred from atoms that are touching.  I think the part about this lesson that was the most fun was when my teacher demonstrated the three using objects to make popcorn.
To demonstrate radiation, she used a microwave, because in the microwave, the heat coming from it to the popcorn didn’t need anything to move through.  To demonstrate convection, my teacher used a popcorn maker/popper because the heat went through a gas to the popcorn to heat it up.  And finally, my teacher showed conduction by using one of those oven popcorn things and put it onto a hot plate.  This showed conduction because the hot plate and the popcorn thing were two atoms that were touching.  I though it was really fun because we got to see what was happening, and it was also helpful because we got a visual of what was going on.  Now that we did that lesson, I will NOT forget the differences between radiation, convection, and conduction!!

Science Reflection

Wow! I never knew science could be so much fun!  I have had such an amazing time in science this year.  I have learned so much and have had so much fun learning it!  My favorite thing we’ve done in science this year is all the labs.  The labs let me learn hands on with a visual of what I’m learning.  My teacher is so great.  She has taught me everything I need to know.  I think being in this science class has really pushed me to do my best, and so far, it has payed off!  I want to thank my teacher for an amazing year!   THANKS!


Goodbye, Blogging Challenge!

This is unfortunately the end of the blogging challenge.  I had a lot of fun doing the challenges and activities.  I got to share a lot of things and create and learn new stuff!  I hope I will be able to do this challenge again, because I had a great time.  I wish I had been able to add more widgets and side bar things.  Maybe next year I’ll be able to do those things.  I can’t believe my avatar picture didn’t work either! I tried so hard to get it to upload, but it never did!  I think eventually I’ll be able to upload things, but for now, I really stink at it!  Anyways, I just wanted to say that I had a really great time with this blogging challenge, and I hope that everyone gets a chance to try it!

Blog Challenge #10- Activity 2 Answers

1) I have written 13 posts, not including this one.

2) Two of my posts were just for fun (I wish I had put more) and all of my school related posts were the ones for the blogging challenge, except for one that my science class wrote about a lab that we did.

3) Unfortunately, only three people have commented on my website, my science teacher, my mom, and a girl that lives in Florida.

4) The post that recieved the most comments was my creativity post.  I think this happened because I had a lot of fun writing it.  I also put a lot of detail into what I was writing, which made the post interesting.  If you look at all my posts and the amount of comments, one of the posts has two comments, but one of them was just a reply.

5) My favorite post that I wrote was my favorites post.  It was my favorite one because I got to tell people about myself in a fun way, and since I got to talk about my favorite things, I loved writing it!

6) If I understood the question correctly, then yes.  My themes changed with every blog because there was something new to write about with every blog challenge and with every post of my own.  Even if the topics were similar, like the favorites and creativity, I wrote about it in a different way.

7) Don’t get a bad idea about me, but I really stink with computers so I never found out how to add a widget.  It really dissappoints me, but I tried and tried and I still couldn’t figure it out!

8) Like I mentioned before, only about three people have come to my blog, so I don’t have any over seas visitors, but I wish I did.

THIS IS NOT MY LAST POST!!!!! I am going to go write another post about my experience with this blogging challenge!!!

Middle School: A Whole New Story

Middle School is a whole different thing compared to elementary school.  There’s no more walking in lines, no more silent time in the lunch room, and you don’t have only one teacher.  But there is middle school drama. Ugh. I just don’t get it. I mean, every day there are rumors flying around and girls crying because their “boyfriend” likes someone else.  It’s just so silly.  Why can’t people just focus on the point of middle school:to learn.  Everyone is so caught up in everything and they’re busy sticking their noses into eachother’s business.  Along with the middle school drama, there are those “popular” girls who go around thinking that they’re better than everyone else.  All the girls care about is the boys and how their make-up looks.  I can’t wait until those people realize how dumb it all is.  Maybe next year the boys will be a little more mature, too.  They act so silly in class.  In science, we lose about ten minutes of class time because of boys running around and people talking.  Hopefully next year will be a little bit more about school to those kids.  Wish me luck. 🙂

My Fav! =)


I completely love…

  • Softball
  • Writing
  • Creativity
  • Family & Friends
  • Cooking


I have been playing softball since I was eight years old.  It is such a fun sport!  I play catcher and third base, so I never get bored in the field!  Through softball, I’ve met many new people and have made lots of new friends.  It really gets me involved and helps me stay active and athletic.  I am totally in love with softball!

I decided to play softball because I got kind of jealous of my brother.  He started playing before me, so my parents were always at his games and I had to go too, which wasn’t much fun for me.  He and my dad were always out in the back yard playing and practicing, so one day I decided to join them.  Now, my dad always tells me that when I was little and I came out to play with him and my brother, that he always thought “Oh, great.” (Sarcasticly)  He told me he said that because I had no idea how to catch or throw a ball, how to swing a bat, or even how to run the bases!  Well, that day when I went out to join them, they had the bases set out.  My dad explained to me that when I hit the ball, I get to run the bases.  I really wanted to run those bases, so I grabbed the bat and told my dad to throw the ball to me.  When he did, I swung the bat and got a lucky hit.  Since I had no idea how to run the bases, I ran them backwards!  I went from 3rd base to 2nd base to 1st base, and all the way to home plate.  When I got there my dad and brother were staring at me with their mouths open. “What?” I asked them.  And then they told me, “You ran them backwards.”  I was really embarassed, but in the end it was actually kind of fun.  I decided to give softball a chance, and now I have been playing for ten seasons, and have been on two all star teams and I am now in travel ball.  If you want to know more about my softball life, check out this site: http://2215jh.edublogs.org/?p=24


Writing is not something that I do when I have to, but it’s something I do when I want to.  It lets me share my creativirty, thoughts, opinions, and feelings!  I have been writing stories for a long time, and I think I’m pretty good at it, too!  In first grade, second grade, third grade, and fourth grade, I won the Young Author’s Program at my school.  Even better, in fifth grade, I got a perfect score on my writing test!  Writing is something I was meant to do, it is my passion.  I hope to become an author when I grow up so my stories can be published.  Until then, I’ll keep writing!!


Ooohhh, I think this one is my favorite. Why?  Because it’s, well, creative!  With creativity people can do all sorts of things.  Creativity is color, writing, paintings, sculptures, and SO much more.  For creativity, I like to see things that are different.  Not something original, but something that someone made by themselves without copying someone else’s work.  Creativity takes us very far.  Just look at all the things we have today.  Just imagine what our world will be like in fifty years with creativity in hand!  I use creativity a lot in my life, so find out how at http://2215jh.edublogs.org/?p=53


My family is amazing, and so are my friends.  I have a sister who is 13 and a brother that is 10.  My parents are really great people.  My grandparents (Mom’s parents) live three houses away from me. so I see them almost every day.  I am very close with my cousin, who lives a mile or two away with my aunt and uncle.  My dad’s parents and his brother along with his family live in Virginia.  I don’t see them as often as my mom’s parents, but they come to visit.  My friends are great.  They are always there for me and are very nice.  My best friend and I have known each other since second grade.  We were in the same classes until fifth grade, but we saw each other every day since both of our moms work at our elementary school.  We don’t go to the same middle school, but I still see her a lot.  I think that everyone should have some good friends, and if they don’t…find some!!!


I love to cook mostly because I love to eat the food at the end!  I love cooking dinners with my dad, who is a fantastic chef.  We cook  a lot of things, mostly for the family.  It is one of my hobbies, and it brings me closer to my dad, because we both love to cook.  When he’s making dinner, I have to do something to help him, even if it’s something as simple as dicing up the garlic.  I love to cook, and I can’t wait until I have a family of my own to cook for!



Free Rice! :D

I have recently went on to freerice.com, where you answer some questions, and for every correct answer, an amount of rice will be sent to the needy.  I think it is a great way to help and support the children and people who aren’t able to get food.  When I went on, all I had to do was answer simple questions, and just by doing that, I got to help people!  I was on there for a while, and I think the total amount of grains I ended up donating was about 560.   I think it’s a great way to help people.  It may not seem like you’re doing much, since a grain of rice is really small, but little things can make a big difference.  Just put youself in their shoes.  Imagine what it would be like to be living with pretty much no food at all, and then hearing that rice will be available!  Imagine the great big wave of relief and excitement you would feel.  I really hope that free rice will expand and make even more of a difference to help the people of our world!


Creativity.  Hmmmm… Interesting word isn’t it?  It brings so many different thoughts and feelings to me.  What do you think of when you hear creativity?  When I think of creativity, I always get really excited because I know that I’ll be able to use my imagination, and imagination is a big part of creativity. I think creativity is a great way to express yourself and your ideas.  In my opinion, there’s really no end for creativity.  I mean, think about it for a minute.  If everyone got a blank piece of paper and could do whatever they want on it, imagine what they would look like.  None of them would look exactly alike, because we all use creativity in a different way.  Some kids may turn their piece of paper into a paper airplane, when others might doodle on it and draw their dream house, or maybe use their creativity and imagination to write a fun story (that’s me).

I think I’m creative in my life because I’m always trying to find a new and fun way to do things, and I always try to use my imagination through my writing.  I also use creativity when I take pictures.  For example, one time last year my whole grade went to Callaway Gardens and while there we went to the butterfly exhibit.  In that exhibit there was this butterfly type with wings that looked just like an owls eye surrounded by feathers.  So I followed one around, and when it settled down next to another one, I snapped a picture!  It looked exactly like the eyes of an owl.  I’ll try to put that picture into one of my posts, but I don’t have it on my computer right now.  Anyways, I think creativity plays a big part in my life and in everyone else’s life too.  Without creativity, I (and all other writers) would have such boring stories and books.  There would be no exciting things on the pages.  And a story book is just like life, there’s going to be something new when we turn the page, so we may as well try our best to make that next page exciting, and creativity will take us there.

How do we know what the Earth’s interior structure is like when we can’t see it?

During my lab today in science class, I learned about P and S waves, which are primary and secondary waves.  P waves can pass through land and water, but S waves can only pass through land, so they stop when they get to liquid, or they just go around it.  We can tell from using siesmic tomography that some regions of the Earth are hot and some are cool because of the mantle.  One other way to figure out what the interior of Earth is like is by looking at models of the Earth and other planets and lookin at how the P and S waves travel.  That way, you can tell what parts on the inside of the Earth are solid, and what parts are liquid.  You can also represent places in the Earth with colors on a model of Earth, and the places where the seismic waves travel faster indicates that some places are cooler or denser than other places.

P and S waves can also help us to figure out the layers of Earth, or how many there are.  They can also help us figure out what material the layers are made out of.  So if the P waves and S waves show three lines, then that means there are three layers.  If the P and the S waves both pass through one of the layers it means that layers is solid/rock, because both waves can pass through solids.  But if only the P wave(s) pass through one layer, it means that layer is water, because only P waves can pass through water.

And that is what I learned about the Earth’s interior structure, and P and S waves.


What do you think of when you hear the word color?  I think of green, because it’s my favorite color.  I’m not completely sure why green is my favorite color, but I can try telling you.  I like green because I think it’s just an attractive color, it comes in many different shades.  Okay, this may sound kind of random, but it just so happens that celery is my favorite vegetable, and it is green!  Here are some other things that are green:                                                                       

I chose to use the recycle symbol because I think that recycling will help our environment, and I chose celery because I love celery!  And finally, I chose to put an image of green eggs and ham because that is my favorite Dr. Seuss book!